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Tune Tuesday: Secrets - Mary Lambert

They tell us from the time were young
to hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves
inside ourselves
I know I’m not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else

Well I’m over it

for my inexplicable lack of posts, I apologize. I am a sad excuse for a blogger

Update: changed my theme again, deleted: April 5th & May 3rd posts (disappointments)

And new Game of Thrones episode today!

College: Tips

For freshmen. Everything is based on my own experience

  1. Be on time. Not just on the first day of school, but throughout the semester. You’re fresh, you’re new. First days are critical. You have no goddamn idea where your classroom is. You don’t know any of the professors. You don’t know anyone. So pay attention and don’t lose your schedule.
  2. Introductory Speech. You’ll have to introduce yourself to every class. Bonus if you can construct a good answer for the famous impromptu question:What are your expectations in this subject?
  3. Keep a lot of 1x1 or 2x2 pictures. And index cards. This will serve as a temporary recognition to your professors. They will instruct you to write your name, address, email, birthday, etc etc whatever the fuck pleases them.
  4. Get a binder. Used to have a shit ton of notebooks in high school? Not anymore. Fillers will do.
  5. Don’t forget the yellow fucking paper. I cannot stress this enough. Short tests and exercises are done almost every other meeting. But never bring out your whole pad. Unless you’re willing to provide involuntarily to the whole class.
  6. Pack light. Tendency is, you will walk 70% of the time. Moving from one class to another. You don’t get to stay in one room for the entire day. So I suggest bring only what you need. Don’t bring your fucking house. What, are you going camping?
  7. Take notes. It is not mandatory for professors to remind you. Do this on your own. They give zero fucks if you walk into a lecture 20 minutes late.
  8. Flash-drives and PDF files. Teachers would mostly discuss lessons through powerpoints so never forget to ask for a copy. This will save you time and effort in writing.
  9. Snacks. Double periods often happen. Some classes are so fucking hardcore that you only get a maximum of 15 minutes for your break. And you seldom eat breakfast (but if you do get the opportunity, even if it means making your way down to the cafeteria, do it) Always keep a packet of crisps or a sandwich. Plus water, keep yourself hydrated.
  10. Do your assignments the moment you are free to. Chances are, you get a pile of homework on all of the subjects you have on a particular day. Note down due dates. Neverprocrastinate (unless this is ur 2nd time in college which in fact not hhaahaha dont pride on yourself you dont know shit) the sooner, the better.
  11. HANG OUT IN THE LIBRARY. This is the only place where you can avoid turmoil. You can even try and get proper sleep, but don’t be too evident. Most librarians won’t care as long as you’re not making any noise (have problems with snoring? gtfo) Also, read. Fucking read, jesus christ, what are you, four years old? You need to read. No excuses. Read everything relevant to your course. Go for extra knowledge, not stock knowledge.
  12. No is always an option. Never feel obligated to do favors for other people. You do your job, they do theirs. Do the things you want to do, not the things you feel like you should do. Too much kindness is taken advantage of.
  13. Dignity over reputation. Concerned about your image to other people? They can fuck off. The only approval you will ever need are from the people you trust and yourself.
  14. Never kiss a professor’s ass. Figuratively speaking. For the love of god, you’re not in high school anymore. Make genuine gestures.
  15. Keep good company. One best friend is enough but it won’t hurt to have peers of your own. You will spend the rest of your college years with these people so be wise and join a crowd that will not influence you with negativity. This is important when you are proposed to work in groups. Be aware of those who you are comfortable with.
  16. Be social. Unless you’re like me, then you’re inclined to depression. Call a friend, let it out. Be honest and tell them they don’t have to respond, just lending you an ear. You have no idea how much it will help you.
  17. Encourage yourself. All the time. Give yourself a boost. Think you’re at the brink of losing all faith in education? Tell yourself otherwise.
  18. Breathe. You’re human. You’re not hot-wired to perform tasks in one go. Failure is a detour, not a dead end street. Everybody fails and everybody gets a second chance. As long as you pass, you’re okay. Better grades are great but do not make yourself suffer for it.
  19. And enjoy. You’re in college. You’re legal. Be yourself, but never diss your limits. Don’t be afraid of change. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be in high school. Be proud of it.

I believe in the possible. I believe, small thought we are, insignificant we may be, we can reach a full understanding of the universe (quoted from the BBC TV-Drama, Hawking (2004)

Thoughts often not tasty

(Title quoted from Will Graham, Hannibal: 1x01 - Apéritif)

I’ve fairly decided that naming my posts is an inability of mine. Therefore I will not try and force myself to think of one. Not now, maybe not ever. That will depend entirely on the subject.

Here I am after weeks and weeks of MIA. I did mention that I was taking a leave, so apologies not necessary. I’m here because I can finally say that I’ve picked out a good url and theme. It took a lot of duct-tape and glue to shape the css myself but it was worth it. I might make a few changes from time to time but nothing major need to notice.

Summer’s been bland. Insipid. Lacked excitement. But I suppose I have no one to blame. It was my choice after all to stay at home. I haven’t read any books either. Not a single one. This is a real disappointment because the first thing I wanted to tick off from my list is to finish all the books I’ve had on hold since Christmas. I’ve allotted most of my time on tv shows and films. I don’t regret it though, at least I can say that I’ve accomplished my second priority.


There’s a total of 5 days before I go back to university. God, time eats you alive. Old faces, new semester. I’m on my third year in college now. Nothing new to anticipate, only a few new professors and subjects I have yet to encounter. When I say new I meant new to me. I might post my schedule soon too, after I finish re-decorating my room and muji notebooks with a bunch of sherlock decals I downloaded (and crafted in photoshop as well)

And as request per se by my friend Ada, I’ve carefully constructed a list of tips for the fresh batch of meat out there who are about to enter college. I have it on my listography but I’d rather post it here to save you the effort. 

Already aware that I’m not good with closing? Kudos to you.

You know my name, you’ve seen it, yes? Right above there, so writing it is unnecessary. Also, I never disclose where I am from but I’m sure you would figure that out, you’re smart.

I envy people who give good introductions. Foreword doesn’t work for me.

This is my first ever blog post (obviously). You might as well know that I have never had a personal blog, at least nothing that includes word vomit and copious flow of sentiment. My friend, Ada, is one reason why I’ve started doing so. You can go check her blog if you want. I’m sure you will grow fond of her.

The primal point of this page is simple: an outlet. I post sporadically so the chances of updates are minimal. Maybe if I have published enough posts, I could categorize them someday. For now this is what I can only offer. You are free to inquire or ask questions. I hope I won’t intimidate you.